Lenten Musings

the-cupIt’s that time of year again. I don’t know what it is about Lent, but this season always brings with it such hope, such promise of renewal and resurrection.

I’m always loathe to talk about my personal Lenten experience, as framed in the question “What are you giving up?” For one thing, talking seems to cheapen the whole experience and I’m afraid of it becoming more about the talk than the walk.

But also it’s hard for me to think of myself, living as I do in such an affluent culture, about really giving up anything. I think I know nothing of true sacrifice. No, for me, it’s always more a stepping away from something. It’s about making space in my life for that which I’ve pushed aside. Sometimes it seems like an insurmountable struggle, to walk away from something I’ve been indulging in mindlessly on a daily basis. And yet there I am reminded of my frailty and fragility and indeed, my brokenness. And that helps to reorient me towards the cross and reminds me of my moment-by-moment need for a Savior.

Even as I step away from one thing, I am looking forward to walking toward something else. And this I have no qualms about sharing. Months ago, I was given a review copy of a book by one of my favorite authors, Keri Wyatt Kent. It’s one of those 40-day devotionals, called Deeply Loved. Here and there on the internet, I’ve seen mention of people using this as a devotional this year during the days leading up to Easter. Even if you’re not one to observe Lent, having read through the first few chapters (they are appropriately short), this book would be a wonderful way to live into the reality of God’s love over the next forty or so days. I so need to be reminded of that in my life right now. Keri’s writing is genuine and gentle, deeply rooted in the Word and I am so looking forward to this journey.

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