The Gift of Gratitude

I guess it sounds strange to call gratitude a gift, but I think we are not by nature grateful people, and so when awareness comes to us, it comes as a gift. And gratitude is also a gift in the reverse direction, in that it is something we offer to others. And I am finding that the more I strive to live with an intentionally grateful heart (no easy task), the more I’m away of the many other gifts that come my way each day.

Have a blessed day.

(This photo was taken last month in Bradford, PA. Was messing around with filters in Photoshop and kind of liked this effect).


  1. Suz says

    You know Dianne, I ‘used to think’ I had a grateful heart. But in this ‘season of my life’, I KNOW I do. Thank you for another wonderful ‘share’. I am grateful to have you as a friend…..truly.

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