Rocks in My Pocket

When I was a kid, I used to collect lucky stones with my gram. Lucky stones are those  round white stones, slightly translucent and perfectly smooth. I don’t think we really believed they’d bring us luck as much as we considered ourselves lucky to find such a nice rock! Gram kept them in an old Morton salt container on a shelf in her bedroom cupboard. Once in a while, she’d drag them out and we’d look over our collection.

Somewhere along the way as an adult, I took to collecting lucky stones again. Soon they were everywhere . . . in a corner of a drawer,or  in my jewelry box, until I finally hit upon an old greenish Mason jar as the perfect place to keep my little collection of those perfect little rocks. But more often than not, one can be found in my pocket (and yes, sometimes heard clunking around in the dryer because I’m not great for checking my pockets when I do laundry).

Those rocks in my pocket serve me well . . . not for hopes of good luck, but rather as little reminders. The same rock can take on a different job on any given day. Sometimes it reminds me to pray for someone who’s on my mind. Sometimes it reminds me of a song I’ve been listening to. Other days it reminds me of words or phrases that I want to reflect on. For instance, this week, the little rock in my pocket keeps bringing to mind two particular words: grace and gratitude. I want to remember that, each day, I’m in great need of grace . . . and I want to extend that grace to others. And it helps me remember to be specifically grateful. Each time my hand reaches in my pocket and fingers that stone is a good time to think of something I take for granted, like beautiful weather or good eyesight or my health. There’s so much to be grateful for in any given moment and I find my days are much lighter when thoughts of gratitude are flowing through my mind.

It’s funny how our memories work. I guess I’m realizing as I get older, I have to be more intentional about the things I want to remember. I figure it’s better to have a rock or two in my pocket than be losing my marbles, right?





  1. mom says

    Hmm…seems like I better find myself some lucky stones so I don’t lose my marbles!
    Great post! Love hearing about Gram!

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