Leaves & Transitions

I arrived home from running some errands one day last week and immediately needed to run the dogs out back. We were still enjoying a nine-day stretch of absolutely perfect fall weather, but the temps were dropping just a bit and the wind, although warm and gentle, was starting to rustle the tree limbs. I […]

The Power of Partnership


In my last post, I mentioned that I recently finished up working on a book project with my pastor (entitled A Movable Feast and a very worthwhile read). One of the highlights of this project for me, one of the themes that kept rising to the surface like cream on top of milk, was that […]

Neon Signs or Gentle Nudgings?

Sometimes it’s like I’m looking for the next step to be flashing in the sky like a neon sign, when all I need to do is heed God’s gentle nudging.I want to write something worthwhile and be published. God says, “Send that friend an encouraging email.”I want to make a difference in someone’s life. God […]