Word, Words and More Words

For the past few years, I’ve done like many people and gone with a “word of the year” in lieu of quickly abandoned New Year’s Resolutions. You’d think my typically distracted brain would appreciate that approach, but sometimes it’s hard to keep even that one word in front of me.  And this year, too many […]

Come: A Word for All Seasons


Advent is this beautiful, weighty season, a time-honored tradition of the church where we enter into a period of waiting. Just as the Israelites of old did, we acknowledge the darkness and brokenness that exists both within and around us, and we turn our hearts toward the hope of Jesus’ coming again in our lives. […]

Get Rid of the Goat


When I was a kid, growing up in the country, we’d pass a goat farm (or at least a house where they kept several goats) on our way to the post office. Secretly I was always fascinated by them; I thought they were cute and way more interesting and spunky than the mild-mannered sheep my […]